How do you teach kids to be safe on the net?...

Best Game Ever has not received any positive reviews. In fact, nobody’s ever heard of it, but why not give it a go? As you eagerly await what’s to come, your browser sputters and glitches; a skull and crossbones ominously glows onto your screen as you see your very own Facebook photos floating through the blackness. You’ve just fallen for the ploy of a cybernetic supervillain, intent on hijacking your identity.

With the help of a mysterious guide, you delve into a virtual cityscape intent on getting back what’s yours. A monolithic billboard looms over the metropolis, and only then do you realise the gravity of what’s occurred: you are now the poster child for Evil Corp’s newest product: 100% freshly squeezed panda juice.

Embark on an epic adventure through the Evil Corp cityscape deleting your private data, handling cyber bullies, ordering in payloads through secure connections, and battling pop-ups. Using your expert knowledge of cyber security, bring down Evil Corp and take back your identity.




The Best Game Ever is a concept created for the Open University in order to raise awareness in young people of cyber security issues. We created an interactive game linked to a social media account (Facebook or Instagram), that would break the fourth wall and take the user on a quest through a dystopic internet city in a quest to remove their own online pictures from the world. Taking a satirical approach and introducing a variety of original characters and narratives, the beautifully illustrated world would not just hammer in the oft-stated lists of potential dangers, but truly immerse the user in it.


The aim was to strike a balance between an immersive storyline, visual distinctness and crafted and innovative gameplay mechanics, ensuring the game stands above the market and generates a high level of virality and exposure. In a highly saturated market where all manner of games are immediately accessible through various mediums,and a target audience with higher standards and lower attention spans than ever before, meeting this objective was vital.