Tokenize the world

Coincircle provides a place to buy, sell, trade and store cryptographic tokens and create ICOs. It was one of the first major players in the ICO space, invested in by Mark Cuban and Bill Tai.

I joined at the inception of the project as lead designer and over the course of the year designed the product and brand. At the time blockchain was a nascent technology which was seismically changing every day. Between technological advancements, market swings, regulatory decisions, and the nature of dealing with financial instruments, the product design process required a huge amount of forethought and adaptability within the ecosystem, and close co-operation with a wide array of stakeholders.

A Medium article I wrote explaining some of the more detailed thinking that went into Coincircle's UX




Features included:     

  • KYC and AML software.       
  • Crypto exchange     
  • Wallet software     
  • ICO Site-builder     
  • Collateral for partnered ICOs     
  • And more  

While there I also consulted on various partner blockchain apps, in industries including entertainment, aerospace, finance and gaming. As one of the few UX designers in the Silicon Beach blockchain community, I helped educate and proliferate blockchain specific UX knowledge.