A music video created for Ninja Tune's Submotion Orchestra. 
An abstract journey over an enormous space, which in reality only spans a couple of centimetres.



 “Our backgrounds are in digital production, so the idea was to get our hands dirty and create something that we’d normally computerise, but using analogue materials. Apart from a bit of grading, ramping and a couple overlays, everything you see in the shots is unaugmented footage captured over 9 takes with 3 different cameras."



“We chose ink because it’s generative and chaotic - it epitomises the analogue medium in that it completely removes the control that we’re so used to in our disciplines. No undo, just a bunch of liquids doing whatever they felt like, with a little bit of encouragement.”
“When we heard the Submotion track, we knew that it was a perfect match. Their take on the digital / analogue bridge seems to parallel ours, and to be able to contribute to such a strong release on a label that’s provided a formative part of our creative upbringing made all the ruined sneakers worth it.”